Advancing Construction of Perpetual Pavement

LithTec™ High Performance Pavement provides

resilient road bases for a sustainable future

Welcome to the future of perpetual pavement with LithTec

Lithified Technologies Group, LLC is the developer and owner of the trade secret formulas that serve as the basis for product applications in road construction, the capping of abandoned uranium mines, mine tailing containment, pond liners for oil and gas and agricultural markets, capping of abandoned oil and gas wells and other developing applications.

The unique tailored formulations of its trade secret product can be used in the entire spectrum of soils, from fine sand to clay, while allowing the load bearing and other aspects of the installations to be adjusted to the needs of each particular customer and site.  It accomplishes these results while also being completely “green” and environmentally friendly.

PSI modulus for road base

Structural Equivalent


“Almost all advancements in science and engineering simply duplicate natural processes. Today we can purchase diamonds, not cubic zirconia, but actual diamonds, that were created in a lab in a short period of time. If technology can duplicate that process for diamonds, it makes sense that technology can duplicate the process of transforming soil to Lithified Stone. LithTec™ is the product that duplicates the natural process of turning soil into stone. It is a game changing technology.”


Professional Engineer

In comparison, I got quotes from other companies and we were looking at probably double the cost to do this same section of 3,200ft of road, as to what the cost was with Lithified. With those other companies, you would have future problems of breakdown. With Lithified, if it holds up like the test results say it will, we should not have those problems and it should pretty much be a one and done from my opinion. If that’s the case, then it’s money well spent.

Joe West.

Road Operations Director, Chavez County

It was still just as hard as a rock. That’s the only way I can explain it to you.

Larry Moore.

Superintendent, Quay County

We’re looking for alternative solutions because of the cost of traditional style construction. Total reconstruct is upwards of $1- $1.2million per mile. With this product, with the testing that we have done, we hope to be able to cut those costs by as much as 80%.

Ben Musselman.

Public Works Director, San Juan County

We’re using less material. We’re getting the same as if we were using 6-7% of cement. With the LithTec™, were using 3% and getting just as good, if not better numbers.” “It just seems everyday, it’s getting stronger.

Kyle Christensen.

Griffin Soil Stabilization